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Information and Technical Assistance on the Americans with Disabilities Act
2010 Regulations
2010 Design Standards
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North Florida OB/GYN Associates, P.A.
Settlement Agreement (posted 1/19/16)

Sachem Central School District | PDF
Statement of Interest (posted 1/5/16)

Burke Professional Center Condominium Association
Settlement Agreement (posted 1/5/16)

Connecticut State Department on Aging
Settlement Agreement (posted 1/5/16)

Webster Bank, N.A.
Settlement Agreement (posted 1/5/16)

Omni Hotels Management Corporation
Settlement Agreement (posted 1/5/16)

New York City Department of Education | PDF
Letter of Findings (posted 1/4/16)

Twenty-Five Years of Progress for Americans with Disabilities
The Justice Blog (posted 12/21/15)

Mt. Pleasant Public Schools
Settlement Agreement (posted 12/14/15)

Ritz Carlton, Inc.
Settlement Agreement (posted 12/10/15)

ADA Compliance Brief: Restriping Parking Spaces | PDF
Technical Assistance Document (posted 12/2/15)

Supplement to the 2013 DOJ/DOT Joint Technical Assistance on the Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act Requirements To Provide Curb Ramps when Streets, Roads, or Highways are Altered through Resurfacing (posted 12/1/15)

Celebrating Access Today: Enforcing Accessibility
in Youth Sports

The Justice Blog (posted 11/24/15)

Mercy Suburban Hospital
Settlement Agreement (posted 11/18/15)

Bolivar County, Mississippi | Complaint
Consent Decree (posted 11/17/15)

McLennan County, Texas
Project Civic Access Agreement (posted 11/16/15)

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month and the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
The Justice Blog (posted 11/13/15)

Augusta County, Virginia | Complaint
Consent Decree (posted 11/4/15)

Virgin Islands Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Settlement Agreement (posted 11/3/15)

City of Detroit School District
Settlement Agreement (posted 11/2/15)

Lakers Aquatic Club, Inc.
Settlement Agreement (posted 11/2/15)

Pikes Peak Youth Sports Association | Complaint
Consent Decree (posted 10/29/15)

Golden Corral
Settlement Agreement (posted 10/19/15)

Fighting Discrimination in Employment Under the ADA
(posted 10/14/15)

Breaking Down Barriers to Employment for Individuals with Disabilities
The Justice Blog (posted 10/14/15)

Riverside County, California
Consent Decree (posted 10/8/15)

Gates-Chili Central School District, New York
Complaint (posted 9/29/15)

Galveston County, Texas
Project Civic Access Agreement (posted 9/28/15)

San Juan County, New Mexico
Project Civic Access Agreement (posted 9/28/15)

Protecting the Rights of Persons Living with HIV/AIDS | PDF
Technical Assistance (posted 9/22/15)

Miami University
Complaint (posted 9/21/15)

Lane v. Brown
Settlement Agreement (posted 9/8/15)

Testing Accommodations | PDF
Technical Assistance Document (posted 9/8/15)

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Project Civic Access Agreement (posted 9/1/15)

Rochester, MI Police Department
Settlement Agreement (posted 8/24/15)

Altamarea, LLC
Settlement Agreement (posted 8/19/15)

Opinion Granting in Part and Denying in Part Appeal of Best Practices Report (posted 8/18/15)

Wallingford Police Department
Settlement Agreement (posted 8/18/15)

Dekalb Regional Crisis Center
Settlement Agreement (posted 8/11/15)

Protecting the Rights of Parents and Prospective Parents with Disabilities | PDF
Technical Assistance Document (posted 8/10/15)
Cover Letter | PDF

$6.73 Million Compensation Fund Distributed

Re-Broadcast: A Celebration of the 25th Anniversary
of the Americans with Disabilities Act

The U.S. Department of Justice, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and Access Board ADA Anniversary Event (posted 7/29/15)

Robeson County, North Carolina
Project Civic Access Agreement (posted 7/29/15)

Lumpkin County, Georgia
Project Civic Access Agreement (posted 7/29/15)

Carnival Corporation
Settlement Agreement (posted 7/23/15)

University of Michigan | (Complaint)
Consent Decree (posted 7/22/15)

Champaign County, Illinois
Project Civic Access Agreement (posted 7/20/15)

Merced County, California
Project Civic Access Agreement (posted 7/20/15)

Yakima County, Washington
Project Civic Access Agreement (posted 7/20/15)

Srinivas Mukkamala, M.D.
Settlement Agreement (posted 7/17/15)

Arshad Pervez, M.D.
Settlement Agreement (posted 7/17/15)

Georgia Network for Educational and Therapeutic Support | PDF
Letter of Findings (posted 7/15/15)

Frequently Asked Questions about Service Animals and the ADA | PDF
Technical Assistance Document (posted 7/13/15)

Fairfax Nursing Center
Settlement Agreement (posted 7/10/15)

North Colonie Board of Education | PDF
Statement of Interest (posted 7/6/15)

Civil Rights Division Publishes New ADA Technical Assistance for State and Local Governments
The Justice Blog (posted 6/30/15)

New York City Police Department | PDF
Statement of Interest (posted 6/29/15)

Camp Winnewald
Settlement Agreement (posted 6/29/15)

Harvard University | PDF
Statement of Interest (posted 6/25/15)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology | PDF
Statement of Interest (posted 6/25/15)

Camp Bravo
Settlement Agreement (posted 6/24/15)

Florida Department of Corrections | PDF
Letter of Findings (posted 6/17/15)

State of Idaho
Settlement Agreement (posted 6/16/15)

Amtrak | PDF
Letter of Findings (posted 6/10/15)

ADA Update: A Primer for State and Local Governments | PDF
Title II Technical Assistance (posted 6/8/15)

Pennington County, South Dakota
Project Civic Access Agreement (posted 6/1/15)

Celebrating Access Today: 25th Anniversary Year of the Americans with Disabilities Act
The Justice Blog (posted 5/27/15)

Augusta County, VA, Polling Place Accessibility
Letter of Findings (posted 5/20/15)

Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York
Complaint (posted 5/15/15)

Miami University | Complaint
Motion to Intervene (posted 5/13/15)

The Justice Blog: Ensuring Access to People with Disabilities
(posted 5/12/15)

Chaves County, New Mexico
Project Civic Access Agreement (posted 5/12/15)

City of Española
Settlement Agreement (posted 5/5/15)

City of Parowan
Settlement Agreement (posted 5/5/15)

Village of Ruidoso
Settlement Agreement (posted 5/5/15)

Compass Career Management, L.L.C. | Complaint
Consent Decree (posted 4/27/15)

Fabco, Inc.
Settlement Agreement (posted 4/24/15)

Madison County, New York
Project Civic Access Agreement (posted 4/22/15)

Gates-Chili Central School District | PDF
Letter of Findings (posted 4/13/15)

edX, Inc.
Settlement Agreement (posted 4/2/15)

Order Extending Claims Period to April 15, 2015 (posted 3/25/15)

St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center
Resolution Agreement (posted 3/23/15)

Dentex Dental Mobile, Inc.
Settlement Agreement (posted 3/13/15)

City of Jackson, Mississippi
Motion to Revise and Extend Consent Decree (posted 3/11/15)

Williams v. City of New York
Statement of Interest (posted 3/9/15)

Opus 465 and Tresca
Settlement Agreement (posted 3/4/15)

Rapid City, South Dakota
Project Civic Access Agreement (posted 3/2/15)

New ADA Online Complaint Form
File an ADA Complaint Electronically (posted 3/2/15)

Washington County, Missouri
Project Civic Access Agreement (posted 2/18/15)

Days Inn & Conference Center Tulsa
Consent Decree (posted 2/9/15)

Best Practices Report (posted 2/4/15)

Rainforest Café
Settlement Agreement (posted 2/4/15)

City of DeKalb, Illinois
Settlement Agreement (posted 2/3/15)

City of Fallon, Nevada
Settlement Agreement (posted 2/3/15)

City of Isle of Palms, South Carolina
Settlement Agreement (posted 2/3/15)

City of Vero Beach, Florida
Settlement Agreement (posted 2/3/15)

DOJ/HHS Joint Letter to Massachusetts Department of Children and Families | PDF
Letter of Findings (posted 2/2/15)

Nueces County, Texas
Settlement Agreement (posted 1/30/15)

School Board of Broward County, Florida
Statement of Interest (posted 1/26/15)

Genesis Healthcare System
Settlement Agreement (posted 1/15/15)

National Museum of Crime and Punishment
Settlement Agreement (posted 1/13/15)

Quinnipiac University
Settlement Agreement (posted 1/12/15)

Tropicana Atlantic City Corp.
Settlement Agreement (posted 1/6/15)