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30 Years of Access:



Video: ADA Signing Ceremony
July 26, 1990

ADA 30th Anniversary

Faces of the ADA

Throughout this 30th anniversary year, the Division is publishing blog posts highlighting the impact that our recent ADA enforcement efforts have made in people’s everyday lives.  We celebrate the many ways in which the ADA has transformed American society and enabled a generation of Americans with disabilities to thrive.

photo of Mary Queen

photo of Mary Queen


"Every day since has been a struggle and a fight," says Ms. Queen. She is quick to add, "My MS has become my inspiration and the reason I get up every morning to help others."

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photo of James Sweatt

photo of James Sweatt


Eliminating barriers to voting, such as those experienced by Mr. Sweat, is central to the ADA’s goal of equality and full participation for people with disabilities.

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photo of Thomas Graziani

photo of Thomas Graziani


Mr. Graziani says, "I filed my complaint so that individuals with mobility disabilities, like myself, would have equal access to radiology services and other health care."

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