Attachment H: Program Access in Existing Facilities



Please Note: The Settlement Agreement requires that within three months of the effective date of this Agreement, the City will provide signage as necessary to comply with 28 C.F.R. § 35.163(b), after having surveyed all facilities that are the subject of this Agreement for the purpose of identifying those that have multiple entrances not all of which are accessible.


1.         The technical requirements and, where appropriate, the scoping requirements of the Standards are used as a guide for determining whether a program or activity held in an existing facility is "readily accessible to and usable by" persons with disabilities and for determining what changes are necessary to make this program or activity accessible if it continues to be provided in the existing facility in question.  See 28 C.F.R. §§ 35.150(b)(1), 35.151.


2.         In order to ensure that each of the City's programs, services, and activities operating at a facility that is the subject of this Agreement, when viewed in its entirety, are readily accessible to and usable by persons with mobility impairments, the City will take the following actions:


3.         Jeffersonville Police Department:


The top of the service counter is 38   inches above the finished floor.  Provide a service counter on an accessible route such that a portion of the counter is at least 36 inches wide and no more than 36 inches above the finished floor, or provide an auxiliary counter with a maximum height of 36 inches in close proximity to the main counter, or provide equivalent facilitation.   Equivalent facilitation may be provided in the form of a folding shelf attached to the main counter, an auxiliary table nearby, a clip board made available to the public, or other means.  Standards §§ 7.2(2), 4.3.