Department of Justice 10th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Faces of the ADA

A couple with two guide dogs

The Stanleys vacation in Hawaii with their guide dogs.

"The ADA has given me the tools to feel included in society..."

July 14, 2000

Casey Martin in golfcart

Casey Martin continues his professional golfing career.

"Without the ADA I never would have been able to pursue my dream of playing golf professionally."

July 17, 2000

Jeremy Orr at school

Jeremy Orr attends an after school program at a child care center.

"As a parent, the biggest benefit I received was in the day to day observation of his inclusion and acceptance by other children."

July 18, 2000

Jack Davoll photo

Jack Davoll established the right for police officers to be reassigned to other city jobs after on-the-job injuries.

"Thanks to the ADA ... officers injured in the line of duty are able to continue working to provide an income for their family."

July 19, 2000

Rod Jex using a TTY at desk

Rod Jex completed the certified public accountant review course and became a CPA.

"The ADA gave me empowerment. Knowing I had the ADA on my side made me more assertive in standing up for my rights which made me a better person and allowed my talents and skills to come through."

July 20, 2000

Toure Butler in football uniform

Toure Butler got a chance to play football and to prove himself in the classroom.

"Toure is a great young man who just needed a fair chance to prove himself in school... the ADA gave him that chance" -- Michael Hunsinger, Toure's attorney

July 21, 2000

Lee Page attends a ball game

Lee Page goes to ball games to see the action in person and to be a part of the crowd.

"Thanks to the ADA,there’s a new standard of access for stadiums."

July 24, 2000

Opening ceremony for Dickinson City Hall

Dickinson, North Dakota provided access to services and built a new city hall.

"Because of the ADA, I feel like a real part of my community."

July 25, 2000

Jackie Okin photo

Jackie Okin continues to pursue her dream of being an attorney.

"There is no question that, without the ADA,I would not have been able to get a college education and pursue my dream of being an attorney."

July 26, 2000

Jeremy Alvarez using his inhaler

Jeremy Alvarez is able to use his inhaler at his day care center.

"The ... ADA helped us and will prevent others like Jeremy from going through such an ordeal." -- Jose and Lynn Alvarez

July 27, 2000

Special 10th Anniversary Report

July 27, 2000