Figure 19: Distribution of Sensitivities for Requirement 23: Passenger Loading Zones. NPV = 1,835.3

            This figure is a bar graph showing the distribution of sensitivities for the requirement relating to passenger loading zones (Requirement #23).  The x axis is labeled "Correlation of Coefficients" and has a scale running from negative .1 to positive 1 in .2 increments.  The y axis identifies the five key variables that have the most impact on the risk range for the NPV of this requirement.  These variables are listed on the y axis from top to bottom in descending order based on the size of their respective correlation coefficients.  The graph shows that the four variables have the following correlation coefficients: Likelihood of Benefiting (0.724); Likelihood of Occurrence (0.412); Frequency of use (0.393); and Access time savings (-0.238).