I.         Building Entrance Issues

II.       Accessible Route Issues to Student Spaces


There is a parallel curb ramp along Woodland Road leading to the approach to the Athletic Fitness Center. One ramp run (east side) has a running slope of 13.3% and is not accessible. The curb ramp run on the west side has a running slope of 6.8%.


There are no cane detectable screens under some of the wall sconces on both sides of the spectator lounge.

            There is a stage in the gymnasium that is not wheelchair accessible.



            1.         Reconstruct non-compliant curb ramp run to ensure accessible route from this facility to the east side of the campus.


            2.         Ensure that a cane detectable screen or barrier is placed underneath all wall sconces in the spectator lounge.


            3.         Ensure that one or more portable ramps with handrails are available for use when needed to ensure safe and secure access to the stage area in the gymnasium.

III.      Primary Student Space Issues


            A. Pool Level


The pool deck on the east side of the pool slopes down 1" to the trench drain in 37", creating an inaccessible 2.7% slope along this circulation route.


The pull side maneuvering space at the door between the Pool and Shower 1110 is only 48" deep (60" minimum required) due to the location of the structural column.

            One of the showers, designated as accessible, is 4 inches too wide.



            1.         Leave the first two non-compliant items above as is.


            2.         Make the shower, designated as accessible, compliant with the ADA.

            IV.      Restroom Accessibility


There is insufficient clear floor space at the entrance to one of the women’s stalls on the second floor.



            1.         Alter the placement of the door panels by flipping the panels so as to place the door hinges on the wall or, in the alternative, make the stall larger to ensure accessibility.

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