Figure 57. Roll-in Shower with Folding Seat.

Illustrates two roll-in shower designs each with a folding seat.

Figure 57(a) A folding L-shaped seat is provided in a 30 in minimum by 60 inches (716 mm by 1220 mm) minimum roll-in shower stall. The seat is mounted at one end with the seat in the corner. The controls and spray unit on the back (long) wall shall be located a maximum of 27 inches (685 mm) from the side wall where the seat is attached. An L-shaped grab bar or two grab bars are installed to provide a continuous gripping surface. The grab bar(s) shall extend from the front of the seat to the shower opening on the opposite wall. A minimum 36 inch (915 mm) wide by 60 inch (1220 mm) wide clear floor space is required parallel the entire opening of the shower. A lavatory may be installed in the clear floor space across from the folding seat.

Figure 57(b) A folding seat, mounted adjacent to the entry to the shower, is provided in a 36 in by 60 inches (915 mm by 1220 mm) minimum roll-in shower stall. The width of the stall opening shall be a minimum of 36 inches (915 mm) clear located on a long wall at the opposite end of the shower from the controls. The shower seat shall be 24 inches (610 mm) minimum in length by 16 inches (330 mm) minimum in width and may be rectangular in shape. The seat shall be located next to the opening to the shower and adjacent to the end wall containing the shower head and controls.

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