Figure A4. Cane Technique. One figure shows the front view of a man walking with a white cane. The detectable area is shown as a cone-shaped marked by a dashed line that is horizontal at 27 inches (685 mm) high and with each end extending at an angle down to the floor. The cone shaped space is wider at the floor than at 27 inches (685 mm) high. No width is specified at the 27 inch (685 mm) height but it appears to be slightly wider than the width of the person using the cane. The width of the detectable area at the floor is 6 inches (150 mm) wider than at 27 inches (685 mm) on the right and 6 inches (150 mm) wider on the left of the person. This indicates the space used as the white cane is held and swept side-to-side.

The second figure shows a top (plan) view of the way a person uses a white cane to sweep side-to-side as a person walks forward. The forward pace (right and left sweep of a cane) length is shown as between 36 to 60 inches (915 - 1525 mm) for each sweep cycle.