ADA Tenth Anniversary

Faces of the ADA

Jenine Stanley -- "The ADA has given me the tools to feel included in society..."

Couple using guide dogs leave airport

Jenine Stanley of Ohio is blind and uses a guide dog. She just wanted to travel and experience Hawaii. But because of a State policy that required all dogs to quarantined in a State facility for 120 days, she was faced with the dilemma of not going or going without her guide dog.

"Oh, I could have gone without my guide dog, but part of traveling for me, and feeling comfortable in a place, is having the independence my dog provides."

The quarantine, which was established to prevent the spread of rabies to the Hawaiian islands, allowed travelers to visit their dogs at specified times, but would not allow their use while traveling within the quarantine period.

Jenine Stanley and husband at waterfall

The Department of Justice intervened in a lawsuit and reached an agreement with the State which allows individuals with vision impairments to travel to Hawaii with their guide dogs without having to undergo the quarantine, as long as they are able to demonstrate that the dog is free from rabies through documentation of rabies vaccination and serological testing.

"One of the happiest days in this long struggle ... was when DOJ signed on with us. Having DOJ behind us meant that we had the support and power of the people who enforce the ADA. We weren’t just a group demanding something unreasonable.

Stanleys with dogs at overlook
"My husband has wanted to live in Hawaii since long before he lost his sight. Now, we can do that freely and travel back to the mainland as often as we want. We have choices. Choice is not always as available to people with disabilities as to others in our society. From raised character and Braille signage on hotel room doors to being able to work my guide dog in Hawaii, the ADA has given me the tools and supports to feel included in society, rather than cared for by it."

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February 6, 2001