ATTACHMENT L: Programs Housed in Others' Facilities

Please Note: The chart below lists the facilities surveyed by the Department, the access issues identified during the survey, and the actions required to correct the access issues.  Required actions are listed using an alphanumeric code.  The key to the alphanumeric codes is provided in Attachment M to this Agreement.

In order to ensure that the County’s programs, services, and activities that are operated at facilities owned or controlled by other entities as listed below are, when viewed in their entirety, readily accessible to and usable by persons with mobility impairments, the County will ensure that the actions listed below have been accomplished within the time period specified below, which time period begins to run on the effective date of the Agreement.  Alternatively, within 90 days of the effective date of this Agreement, the County will submit for review by the Department a plan for providing access for persons with disabilities to the programs, services, and activities housed in the facility.

Item #

Access Issue

Required Action

Completion Date


Pocket Beach Park No. 3, located at 13315 FM 3005


Parking: The parking lot is inaccessible because the sand surface is not firm, stable, and slip resistant, and there are no access aisles provided.


6 months


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