Settlement Agreement between the United States of America and Glynn County, Georgia


The Department of Justice initiated a compliance review of Glynn County, Georgia, under title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in November, 2003.  An on-site survey of County programs, facilities, and services was conducted from February 23-26, 2004. 

Facilities covered by the agreement include Neptune Park, St. Simons Island Visitors Center, the Library and Island Players Theater, Fire Station #4, Glynn County Courthouse (Judicial Center), the Recreation and Parks Department, the Fire Department Administration and Training Building, Fire Department Headquarters - Fire Station #1, Blythe Island Regional Park, Blythe Community Center, the Department of Motor Vehicles Safety, the Georgia State Patrol Building, Altamaha Regional Park, and the Detention Center. The Department also reviewed the County's polling places, emergency management procedures, employment policies, sidewalks, and its 9-1-1 emergency services.  County government officials worked cooperatively with the Department throughout the investigation in order to reach a settlement agreement that sets out a plan for making physical and policy modifications required for ADA compliance.

The text of the settlement agreement specifies the particular modifications that Glynn County will make to each of the programs, services, and facilities covered by the agreement as well as the timeframes for making each change. Among other things, the County has agreed to:

The settlement agreement will remain in effect for 5 years from November 2, 2009, or until the parties agree that all actions required by the agreement have been completed, whichever is later.  The Department will monitor compliance with the agreement until required actions are completed.



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