Settlement Agreement between the United States of America

and the City of Madison, Indiana


On July 26, 2011, the Department of Justice entered into a settlement agreement with the City of Madison, Indiana, under title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA).

The Department of Justice initiated an investigation in response to a complaint that several city facilities are inaccessible to persons with physical disabilities and that the City failed to provide an assistive listening device for a person with a hearing disability during public meetings held in City Council chambers.  The investigation of this complaint expanded to a compliance review under Project Civic Access, a Department initiative to ensure greater access for persons with disabilities to state and local government programs, services, activities, and facilities.  City staff worked cooperatively with the Department throughout the compliance review process in order to reach an agreement.

Facilities and programs surveyed by the Department and covered by the agreement include: Madison City Hall, Madison Police Station, Main Street Station, Riverfront Dog Park, Madison B3 Skate Park, Brown Gymnasium, Senior Center, Kiwanis Park, Crystal Beach, Hargan-Matthews Park, Firemen's Park, Jaycee Park, Broadway Fountain, City Campgrounds, Gaines Park, Pearl Park, Lytle Park, John Paul Park, Warren R. Rucker Sports Complex, Lorenz Park, Michigan Road /Dr. William Stucker Tennis Courts, Playground For All Children, Oakhill Park, Johnson Lake Park, Sunrise Golf Course, and Emery O. Muncie School Gymnasium.

The Department also reviewed the City's policies and procedures regarding voting, employment, emergency management and disaster prevention, and sidewalk maintenance to evaluate whether persons with disabilities have an equal opportunity to utilize these programs.

Under the agreement announced today, the City of Madison will take several important steps to improve access for individuals with disabilities.  The text of the settlement agreement specifies the modifications the City of Madison will be making to its programs, services, and facilities and the timeframes for making each change.  Among other things, the City has agreed to:

This is the 193rd agreement under the PCA initiative.  Located in southeast Indiana, the city of Madison was incorporated on April 1, 1809, and is the county seat for Jefferson County, Indiana.  According to census data, the city population is approximately 12,000, and more than 21 percent of Madison residents have a disability.

The agreement will remain in effect for three years from July 26, 2011, or until all actions required by the agreement have been completed, whichever is later.  The agreement requires most actions to be completed within six months.  For the required accessibility modifications to sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, transportation stops and curb ramps, the city will work with the disability community to prioritize and complete these modifications within three years.  The Department will actively monitor compliance with the agreement until it has confirmed that all required actions have been completed.



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