ATTACHMENT I: Modifications to Newly Constructed Facilities

Please Note: Paragraph 55 of the Settlement Agreement requires that within three months of the effective date of this Agreement, the City of Newport provide signage as necessary to comply with 28 C.F.R. § 35.163(b), after having surveyed all facilities that are the subject of this Agreement for the purpose of identifying those that have multiple entrances not all of which are accessible.

The chart below lists the facilities surveyed by the Department, the access issues identified during the survey, and the actions required to correct the access issues. Required actions are listed using an alphanumeric code. The key to the alphanumeric codes is provided in Attachment M to this Agreement.

In order to ensure that the following spaces and elements in City of Newport facilities for which construction was commenced after January 26, 1992, are readily accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities, the City of Newport will take the actions referenced by the alphanumeric code and described in detail in Attachment M to this Settlement Agreement within the time periods specified below, which time periods will begin to run on the effective date of this Agreement.

Item # Access Issue Required Action Completion Date
1. Louis Duke Abbruzzi Little League Complex, located at 245 Maple Avenue    
1.1. Parking: The designated accessible parking is inaccessible because it lacks vertical signage, including a "van accessible" sign. P6 18 months
1.2. Men´s Single-User Toilet Room: The urinal is inaccessible because the rim is 18 inches above the finished floor. TR20 18 months
1.3. Exterior Routes: The routes to Theodore "Ted" Michaud Field, Edward G. Goldberg Field, and the Little League shed are inaccessible because the grassy surface is not firm, stable, and slip resistant. AR1 18 months


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