Reaching Out to Customers With Disabilities: Lesson 8 ADA Compliance Costs and Tax IncentivesA doctor is using a sign language interpreter to discuss treatment options with a patient who is deaf.

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Expanding Your Market: Tax Incentives for Businesses

Summary of Lesson Eight

Businesses may not charge people with disabilities extra to recover the costs of complying with the ADA. These costs are part of a business’s overall cost of doing business.

The costs of complying with the ADA may be offset through special IRS tax credits or deductions that are available for businesses that improve accessibility.


1. Has your business used the ADA tax incentives to offset costs of complying with the ADA?

2. If not, can you think of any ADA-related expenses your business has incurred that might fall under section 44 or section 190 of the federal tax code?

3. Does your business qualify for the Disabled Access Credit?

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