Line drawing shows two different roll in showers with seats.

(a) shower is at least 60 inches long and 30 inches deep. It is enclosed on three sides and open along one long side. An L-shape folding shower seat is installed at one end with the lower part of the L in the corner. A grab bar is mounted on the back wall starting where the seat ends and continuing to the corner of the shower. Another grab bar is installed on the side wall opposite from the seat (one L-shape grab bar may also be used). Shower controls and shower head are mounted no more than 27 inches from the wall where the seat is mounted. A clear floor space is provided outside the shower that extends the entire length of the shower (minimum 36 inches wide by 60 inches long). A dashed line is shown indicating an acceptable location for a lavatory along the wall opposite from the seat and in the required clear floor space for the shower.

(b) shower is at least 36 inches wide and the length is determined by the width of the seat and the width of the opening to the shower. The shower is enclosed on four sides with the fourth side having a minimum 36 inch wide opening for entry. In the drawing, the minimum seat width is 24 inches and the minimum seat depth is 16 inches for the folding shower seat. The rectangular folding seat is mounted on a short wall parallel to the back wall and adjacent to the entrance. Controls and the hand-held shower head are located on the wall adjacent to the seat. Two grab bars are provided, one adjacent to the shower seat and the other along the back wall. The side bar begins at the seat and ends at the corner. The back bar begins in the corner and is approximately 48 inches long.