Settlement Agreement between the United States of America

and Smyth County, Virginia

On May 2010, the Department of Justice entered into a settlement agreement with Smyth County, Virginia, under title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA).

The Department of Justice initiated a compliance review of Smyth County in February, 2008, as part of Project Civic Access, a Department initiative to ensure greater access for persons with disabilities to state and local government programs, services, activities, and facilities. An on-site survey of the County's buildings, programs, and services was conducted in October, 2008. County staff worked cooperatively with the Department throughout the compliance review process in order to reach an agreement.

Facilities and programs surveyed by the Department and covered by the agreement include: Animal Shelter, Solid Waste Transfer Facility, County Office Building, County Courthouse, County Jail & Sheriff's Office, Riverside Community Center, Konnarock Community Center, County Health Department, and Smyth Bland Regional Library. 

The Department also reviewed the County's polling places, emergency management procedures, employment policies, and 9-1-1 emergency services.

Other County facilities are covered by the settlement agreement and will be surveyed and modified for compliance with ADA requirements by the County.

The text of the settlement agreement specifies the modifications Smyth County will be making to its programs, services, and facilities.  Among other things, the County has agreed to:

The agreement also recognizes that Smyth County has independently taken actions to increase access to its programs, services, and facilities.  These actions include:

The settlement agreement will remain in effect for three years from June 9, 2010.  The Department will actively monitor compliance with the agreement, which will remain in effect until the Department has confirmed that all required actions have been completed.


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June 14, 2010