Settlement Agreement between the United States of America

and the City of Port St. Lucie, Florida


The U.S. Department of Justice initiated a compliance review of the City of Port St. Lucie, Florida, in 2006.  On-site surveys of City programs, services, activities, and facilities were conducted in January 2007.

The agreement covers programs and services housed in the following facilities:  City Hall – Buildings A and B; the Police Station – Building C; the Community Center; the Western Regional Office of the Police Department; the Prineville Water Treatment Plant; the Police Athletic League Building; the Neighborhood Services Animal Control Building; the Neighborhood Services Code Enforcement Building; the Public Works Building; Saints Golf Course; Deacon Street Park; Charles Ray Park; Riverplace Park; Girl Scout Park; Fred Cook Park; Whispering Pines Park; Jessica Clinton Park; Elk Lodge Park; Sandhill Crane Park; McChesney Park; Oak Hammock Park; Turtle Run Park; Lyngate Park; Rivergate Park; Sportsman's Park; Sportmans West Park; Swan Park; Jaycee Park; Kiwanis Park; Rotary Park; and the Old Fire Station.  The Department also reviewed the City's general effective communication provisions, the Police Department's policies and procedures on providing effective communication to persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, the City's employment policies, sidewalks, and web-based services and programs.  City government officials worked cooperatively with the Department throughout the compliance review in order to reach a settlement agreement.

The physical changes and the signs noted below are not required at every facility.  The text of the settlement agreement specifies where modifications will be made.

The City has agreed to:

Prior to signing the settlement agreement, the City had already begun taking actions set out in the agreement to improve the accessibility of its facilities and programs.

The City of Port St. Lucie, located on the Treasure Coast in south Florida, has been called the fastest growing city in the United States.  Incorporated in 1961, Port St. Lucie's population has  grown to more than 151,000 residents, of whom approximately 18% live with a disability.  In addition, Port St. Lucie attracts visitors from the United States and abroad to its parks, golf courses, and museums.  Port St. Lucie's motto, "A City For All Ages," welcomes everyone with its diverse recreational activities, educational programs, and employment opportunities.

The settlement agreement will remain in effect for 3 years from August 10, 2009, or until all actions required by the agreement have been completed, whichever is later.



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