The Travelodge Motel in Dalton, Georgia, is committed to making reasonable modifications to its policies, practices, and procedures to permit the use of service animals by its guests with disabilities. Service animals play an important role in ensuring the independence of people with disabilities, and it is therefore our policy to welcome into our motel any animal that is individually trained to assist a person with a disability.

What is a Service Animal?

Service animals are individually trained to work or perform tasks for individuals with disabilities. Service animals are not always dogs; other animals may assist people with disabilities. Service animals come in all breeds and sizes, may be trained either by an organization or by an individual with a disability, and need not be certified or licensed. Service animals do not always have a harness, a sign, or a symbol indicating that they are service animals. A service animal is not a pet. Service animals assist people with disabilities in many different ways, such as:

Employee Requirements with Regard to Service Animals:

Most of the time, people with disabilities who use service animals may be easily identified without any need for questioning. If you can tell by looking, you should not make the guest feel unwelcome by asking questions. If you are unsure whether an animal meets the definition of a service animal, the motel reservationist, and, where necessary, motel management, may ask the guest the following questions at the point that the guest registers in the motel:

You may not ask a customer questions about his or her disability. You may not ask a guest to show certification or a special ID card as proof of their animal’s training. You may not ask a guest with a service animal to use a specific entrance or exit in the hotel.

Once a guest with a service animal has answered questions posed by hotel registration staff, no employee may ask the guest any further questions about his or her service animal. You must permit service animals to accompany guests with disabilities to all areas of the hotel normally used by guests.

Since a service animal is not a pet, guests with disabilities may not be asked to pay any extra deposits, fees, or other charges because they are accompanied by service animals. Deposits, fees, or other charges that are normally required for pets do not apply to service animals.

In the event that a particular service animal’s behavior poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others, the Travelodge Motel has the right to exclude the animal from its facility at that time, but may not refuse service to that individual with a disability when he or she is not accompanied by that particular service animal. A direct threat does not exist if the service animal’s owner takes prompt, effective action to control the animal. Moreover, the Travelodge Motel will not exclude a particular service animal based on past experience with other animals or based on fear that is not related to a service animal’s actual behavior. Each situation will be considered individually.

Please handle any customer inquiries or complaints about this policy in accordance with our usual procedures by contacting the owner of the Travelodge Motel, Mr. Ramesh Sheth, Vishnu Krupa, Inc.