Attachment G: Web-Based Services and Programs


The City of Waukegan will:

1.     Examine all images and other graphical elements on its website,, and modify them, as necessary, to ensure that they have an appropriate alt content or other textual alternative.  For example, if the image contains graphical text, that text should be the contents of the alt attribute.  If the graphic is decorative in nature and really does not convey any information (e.g., spacer.gif) then it should have a null alt attribute (alt="").

2.     To the extent that cascading style sheets are used, it will ensure that all coloring of text will be implemented using this technology consistently.

3.     Examine all data tables to ensure that, at a minimum, row and column header cells are marked up correctly.

4.     Provide instructions or contact information for obtaining web linked resources in an alternative format.

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