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Title II Web and Mobile App Accessibility Final Rule Published in the Federal Register

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Featured topics are high-level, plain-language explanations of the existing information that the Department has made available about the law.

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Featured topics are intended for an audience of people who are not legal experts. We expect that these overviews will answer 80 percent of common questions about a particular topic. They are designed to be easy to scan and navigate. They have clear headings and links that help users skip to a particular section. The overviews are also designed to be easy to understand. They use icons to help explain definitions and they provide clear examples.

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  • Businesses That Are Open to the Public

    A sign hanging inside a storefront window reads Welcome. We are Open. Please come in

    If you are a business or a person with a disability, there are many aspects of the ADA that you should be familiar with. The information below is intended to help get you started.

  • Community Integration

    Two women, one with a disability, play with a dog on a lawn

    The ADA bans the unnecessary segregation of people with disabilities in a regulation called “the integration mandate.” State and local governments must offer services to people with disabilities in home and community settings.

  • Criminal Justice

    Five diverse enforcement officers stand together

    The ADA requires state and local governments including their criminal justice agencies to comply with the ADA. If you are part of a criminal justice agency or a person with a disability, there are many aspects of the ADA that you should be familiar with.

  • Effective Communication

    Hands hover over a braille display

    People with certain disabilities might communicate in different ways.

  • Emergency Planning

    A building floor plan with braille showing hallways and evacuation routes

    State and local governments must ensure their emergency planning and management programs are accessible for persons with disabilities.

  • Equal Access to Child Care

    a child with down-syndrome is playing guitar and sitting with kids and a teacher

    The ADA requires child care centers to comply with the ADA. A child with a disability must never be turned away based on assumptions about their disability.

  • Introduction to the ADA

    A teacher and a student sitting at a table signing to one another

    How the ADA is structured, and how it protects the rights of people with disabilities

  • Mobility Devices

    A person wearing red shoes operates a power wheelchair

    Find out how the ADA supports those who use walkers, wheelchairs, and other power-driven devices to get around.

  • Opioid Use Disorder

    Image of the acronym OUD for Opioid Use Disorder represented by wooden letter tiles

    Find out the ADA's protections for people with Opioid Use Disorder.

  • Parental Rights

    Asian American father hugging his son

    Parents and prospective parents with disabilities are entitled to equal treatment and equal access to parenting opportunities.

  • Parking

    A man in a wheelchair approaching a vehicle with his hand on the door handle

    Find out how the ADA requires businesses, non-profits, and state/local governments to provide accessible parking spaces.

  • Service Animals

    A service animal helps a blind person down the stairs

    The definition of a service animal, where they can go, and how they assist people with disabilities

  • State and Local Governments

    An aerial view of a city; includes city hall, streets, sidewalks, cars, and other government and non-government buildings

    If you are part of a state/local government program or a person with a disability, there are many aspects of the ADA that you should be familiar with.

  • Telehealth

    photo of a person on a video call with a doctor

    The ADA prohibits healthcare providers from discriminating on the basis of disability. This is true when health care is provided in person or through “telehealth.”

  • Voting and Polling Places

    A vote here sign at a polling place on election day

    The ADA requires state and local governments and their election officials to ensure that people with disabilities have a full and equal opportunity to vote in all elections.

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